Freshness Technology for Fresh Food Packaging

We live on a bountiful planet with a variety of food resources

Modern transportation, storage, and packaging give us access to fresh food from around the world. Still, a great deal of each harvest’s yield is lost to food waste.

Mold and fungi can damage foods in shipping and storage, making them unsafe to eat and requiring them to be discarded. The World Health Organization says foodborne diseases can strain health care systems, national economies, tourism and trade.

While bacteria, mold, and fungi silently damage goods, it makes them look and smell less appealing. These spoiled foods are thrown away by retailers and consumers.

The Cost of Food Waste

Consider the following statistics, both of which can be mitigated with freshness technology:

  • 14% of the world’s food is lost between harvest and retail.

  • The World Health Organization estimates that 1 in 10 people become ill after eating contaminated foods.

Opportunities for Retailers

Switching to fresh food packaging that keeps foods fresher longer can help retailers:

  • Lower costs by reducing food waste

  • Save an average of $142 for every dollar spent on reducing waste

Preserve Foods with Innovative Freshness Technology

Copptech’s™ technology uses copper, zinc, and other innovative ingredients to combat microbes – increasing shelf life of fresh meats, fruits, and vegetables.

We work closely with partners to customize and seamlessly integrate our freshness technology into existing packaging production across a variety of materials – from cardboard and paper to expanded polystyrene, polymers, plastic film, and other inorganic substances.

When stored in fresh food packaging made with Copptech™ ingredients, foods stay fresher longer.

Traditional high-absorption and liquid-retention food pads are designed to capture excess liquid within food packaging. However, they also create an environment conducive to the growth of odor-causing microbes.


Why Copptech™?

Shelf Life

Inhibits growth and significantly eliminates bacteria and fungi to keep foods fresher longer


Eliminates odor caused by bacteria and other microbes


Embedded technology that works for the lifetime of the packaging


Pennies per item saves dollars in food waste

Copptech™ Confident

Food Packaging and absorbent food pads with Copptech™ freshness technology inside are the next generation of packaging innovation, helping retailers save money while providing consumers with confidence that their food is fresh.

  • Seafood

  • Meat

  • Fish

  • Poultry

  • Fruits

  • Vegetables